Exploration and Nature

Osta Lange is an emerging contemporary artist who loves to visually articulate the rhythm of nature in her work. Full of life and color her paintings are eloquent expressions of  the natural world.

Escape into a vibrant, musical, erotic tapestry of imagery where the alluring comes alive. Romantic and unfamiliar. An opulent rebirth of botanical life, sensual seascapes and the mana that is Life.

Raised in Hawaii, Tahiti and South Africa and predominantly all of her twenties in Mexico.  A person of the world Osta is currently doing a series of paintings entiltled ''TROPICALISMA" evoking an originality of spirit.  She hopes that her love for the natural world and painting extends to communicate a further love for nature conservation and strives for more experimentation, more discovery, travel, service through art and collaborations with other working artists and Idealists.



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